Light Novel Volume 5
Outbreak Volume 5 cover
Kanji アウトブレイク・カンパニー 萌える侵略者 5
Romaji Outbreak Company Moeru Shinryakusha 5
Price ¥713
Author Ichirō Sakaki
Illustrator Yūgen
Publisher Kodansha
Release Date November 30, 2012 (JP)
ISBN 978-4-06-375271-7
On Cover Myucel Foaran
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Outbreak Company Moeru Shinryakusha 5 (アウトブレイク・カンパニー 萌える侵略者 5 Outbreak Company The Moe Invader 5?) is the fifth book of the Outbreak Company Moeru no Shinryakusha Series.


"Sacred Eldant Empire" connected by a passage from Japan to the other world, there is a fantasy space where the dragon fly in the sky! The general manager of the trade company "Amutek" created to spread the otaku culture in such a world Shinichi was kidnapped how! Erudant's enemy country Baha'iram. However, no one will go to help from various political speculations? Myucel, a shocked maid girl, will decide to recapture her "husband" by himself. Will the rescue become a few applicants centered on Muselle? What is the "Baha'iram kingdom" in the first place What is the country's motive for surprising Shin'ichi kidnapping? And the trump card of the rescue team is still It is a geek expression? [1]


  • Chapter 1: When I Realise, I'm in Another Country
  • Chapter 2: A Country Called Bahairamu
  • Chapter 3: Erbia and Amatena
  • Chapter 4: Shinichi's Rescue Operation
  • Chapter 5: And Cultural Invasion
  • Afterword







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