Manga Volume 2
Manga Volume 2
Kanji アウトブレイク・カンパニー 萌える侵略者 2
Romaji Outbreak Company Moeru Shinryakusha 2
Price ¥540
Author Ichirō Sakaki
Illustrator Kiri Kajiya
Publisher Kodansha
Release Date October 7, 2013
On Cover Petralka Anne Eldant III
Manga Volume 1
Manga Volume 3

Outbreak Company Moeru Shinryakusha 2 (アウトブレイク・カンパニー 萌える侵略者; 萌萌侵略者 2) is the second manga volume of the Outbreak Company Moeru no Shinryakusha Series.


Kano Shin'ichi who enjoyed a withdrawal life suddenly was brought to another world! A different world = "Sacred Eldant Empire" was connected to Japan with a "hole" that suddenly opened in the forest of Fuji. As a cultural exchange, the mission of exporting "otaku culture" such as manga and animation was carried, shoddy only abundant otaku knowledge. A dangerous case breaks out at a school which it made to cross the language barrier while deepening interaction with the empire emperor Petralka in young girls!


  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
  • Chapter 11




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