Minori Koganuma

Minori LN


Japanese: 古賀沼 美埜里(こがぬま みのり)
Romanized: Koganuma Minori
Aliases: Ms. Minori
Personal Information
Age: 23
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Light Novel: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 1
Japanese: Maaya Uchida
Genevieve Simmons (English)

Minori Koganuma (古賀沼 美埜里(こがぬま みのり)?) is a supporting character of the Outbreak Company series. She is another one of the ambassadors from Japan, assigned to serve as both a bodyguard and an advisor for Shinichi. She's generally the realist to Shinichi's idealist, and a fujoshi.


She has really big breasts. She has an F-cup, which causes Shinichi to often ogle at them.


She is normally easygoing. She has the tendency to use her gun to calm an argument. She has the tendency to snark when Shinichi is staring at her breasts. She doesn't seem so at first. But we see she is obsessed with BL, yet is still a competent member of the JSDF.


For her parents, she is a long awaited child, but for her being a late bered child, right after Minori's birth, her mother passed away. Her father wanted a boy to be the Dojo's successor, and because of that, he had no interest in Minori. For the sake of being recognized by her own father, she started training early in her childhood, attributing to her impressive battle prowess. This is also one of the reasons why Minori entered the JSDF.


She is a female Self-Defence Forces member who serves as Shinichi's escort. She is part of the Japan Ground Self Defense Eastern Regiment First Engineering Group, Ranked as First Class there. While her smiling face often has a pleasant aura, when there is an emergency, it changes completely. In episode 3, once Shinichi gets her a knife hidden inside her bosom, she is able to free herself from the ropes the terrorists used. She then proceeds to single-handedly stop almost every one of the terrorists. Episode 6, when Elbia takes her special soccer ball. She tries to shoot Elbia, Shinichi even points out; she might hit the soccer ball. Minori doesn't care.


Kanō Shin'ichi

Her and Shinichi, she has never shown any romantic emotions for him. But they are very close and spend most of their day together.


  • Her favorite anime is Inazuma Twelve.
  • Her favorite character is Hikouki.